What's up, I'm Greg! A 26 year old from Ohio living in the Bay Area and aiming to inspire the WORLD! Whether it's on a screen or stage, I know the power of art and I'm dedicated to elevating my craft so that I'm able to impact the masses. My story, like many of yours, isn't a simple one. Nevertheless, I know we all have more in common than we may think. I hope my voice & actions have the ability to resonate with your personal experiences and ultimately push you towards becoming a better YOU!

This is exactly what walking in your Forever Phase is all about. To consistently move towards your goals regardless of how big or small your steps are is what defines a Forever Phase. Many people believe success and achievement only happen at specific points in time. You work, win, celebrate and repeat. While walking in your Forever Phase, every movement towards the goal is recognized for its significance and contribution. I live life in a state of winning because I know where I'm going and I'm constantly doing what it takes to get there!

I'm a firm believer in having a plan to achieve success. This platform is one of the tools that I'll use on my journey. I'll keep the site updated with new spoken word pieces, upcoming events, blog posts, and more.

I'm also intending to interact with all of you here. A huge part of my inspiration comes from all of the lives that surround me. So hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.
Let's take our creativity to higher levels. Let's use it as an instrument to empower, motivate, and change lives. A movement starts with one step. Here's mine. Let's be a force and inspire the world to walk in its Forever Phase.

Gregory Hammons aka Mr. Forever Phase

"Inhale goals and exhale attainments that appear beyond your grasp! "

​-Mr. FP 

"When the stakes are high, the only cost is faith! "

-Mr. FP

Speaker | Artist | Change Agent 


Walking in my Forever Phase, one step at a time!