​“You did an amazing job leading the discussion with the San Francisco State University student group. You had really good advice and were thoughtful with your responses.”

-Nathan, Accountant​​

If you TRULY want success it doesn't have to be for a phase, but it can be 


I've always wanted to make a huge positive impact on the world. Forever Phase enables me to do that.

Change Agent

Speaker | Artist | Change Agent 


“You really encouraged me to think beyond the systematic racial and socioeconomic limits that I felt placed me in a mental state that caused me to dream relatively small. Coming into your session, my ultimate goal was to be a software engineer. Now I want to make impacts on my local community and abroad in Nigeria through technological innovation.”

-Jide, Student

Moving an audience emotionally is truly a passion of mine.  

​I believe words have the power to transform lives. I use my voice as a vehicle for profound change!


Find out why audiences of 700+ find my keynotes captivating and unforgettable!

  • The Ohio State University 
  • The Columbus Urban League
  • California Phi Beta Lambda
  • Arizona Phi Beta Lambda
  • California DECA 
  • Oregon DECA
  • The Manifest Your Destiny Foundation
  • The Boys and Girls Club of America 

Empower your students today!

Walking in my Forever Phase, one step at a time! 





"​Thank you for performing an awesome motivational speech for 30 Boys and Girls Club students yesterday. You were inspirational, professional and overall great to work with!"

-Asha, Boys and Girls Club Program Manager

Past Clients:

"​​​Your passion and expertise for your work is palpable and the students enjoyed meeting you and learning how to "Fuel their Dreams" :) Your session came up several times throughout the rest of the week and during our closing reflections one of the students shared how much your session impacted them and how it's shifted the way they approach setting goals and dreaming big."

-Melanie, Program Director